Summer at the Movies

Part One July 5, 2015
Part Two July 13, 2015
Part Three July 19, 2015
Part Four July 27, 2015
Part Five August 3, 2015
Part Six August 9, 2015

What On Earth Am I Here For?

Spiritual gifts are special abilities used for spiritual purposes.

Shame On You

Shame does not come from God and it will ultimately push us away from the destiny He has for our lives.

Hope Floats

You can dream about a new beginning, or you can start one.

I Am Groot

Your relationship with Christ is a strange one. It is internal and makes us into “we” with God, and it is external so we can be “we” with each other.

Saving Mr. Banks

How do I balance helping and carrying? Know the difference between a burden and “his own load.”


You will be tempted to trade your long-term happiness to satisfy short-term appetites.