| Grades K-5

Elementary students have a blast discovering God’s plan for their lives in this safe and fun environment.

Weekend Service

June 27

Regular Meeting Times

Sundays at 9:00, 10:20, and 11:40am

in KiDS Theatre

Upcoming Events

Kids 4-5
Kids K-3

Sep 24

4th and 5th graders! Invite a friend and get ready to show off your best Super Smash Bros combos as we hang out, have pizza and play some games. The winner of the tournament will get a trophy to take home!

Family Life
Kids 4-5
Kids K-3

Oct 9

The Cornerstone Men's Ministry is partnering with C-KiDS to host a scavenger hunt at the Murrieta Rod Run (murrietarodrun.com) on Saturday, October 9th. There will be 400 classic cars and hot rods to check out. The event is designed as a father & chi...