| Kids (Grades K-5)

Elementary students have a blast discovering God’s plan for their lives in this safe and fun environment.

Weekend Service

October 25

Discussion Questions

  • When you’re daydreaming or just thinking your thoughts, what do you usually think about?
  • Why we do often focus on the negative instead of the positive?
  • Does choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do, mean that it’s okay to say something that could be hurtful as long as it is true? Why?
  • What are some ways we can train ourselves to focus on what is true?
  • What can we do when we find ourselves thinking about or worrying about something negative? Or when we start to worry? For example: You have a big test coming up and you are worried you will fail it. What can you do to focus on what is true?

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Oct 31

Join us for a drive thru Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 31. It’s sure to be a spooktacular good time.