Covid-19 Update

I want to reopen when it’s safe and enjoyable.

Wow! Everybody’s talking about churches today. I appreciated President Trump affirming that the local church is an essential service in our community and Governor Newsom’s commitment to work with “faith leaders,” but as your pastor, I need more than permission; I need to feel like we’re being wise.

Below is a letter I sent out to all of you earlier this week about reopening the sanctuary. In a nutshell, it says we are planning to reopen when we can say with a straight face, “It will be safe and enjoyable.” I would love to see all of you in person. Shoot, I even miss some of the crazy people that always feel compelled to hug me. But as your pastor, I love you and loving you makes me want to be careful.


Pastor Ron Armstrong

Sent previously:

Dear Cornerstone Family,

Someone asked me the other day, “When are we going to reopen the church?” Friends, Cornerstone has never closed. People are prayed for, God’s Word is taught, community takes place, and people are practicing discipleship by giving and caring for others.  I am so proud of how well you have adjusted to the current “normal.” If you are wondering when we will start meeting in the sanctuary again, I don’t know. The staff is working really hard to figure out what it should look like when we come back. On one hand, we want it to be safe, and on the other hand, we want it to be enjoyable. Figuring out how to make those two things happen at the same time is a pretty tall order.

There may be some other churches that choose to start meeting before we do. I don’t want our “safe and enjoyable” approach to be viewed as a criticism of anybody else. I’m confident that they will prayerfully use their best judgment just like we want to prayerfully use ours.

In the meantime, we’re going to keep having great online services and we’re going to keep finding new ways to bless your kids, teenagers, marriages, and all the other needs we can think of.

Trust me, I miss seeing you and I want to begin meeting as soon as we can. Or I should say, as soon as we can make it “safe and enjoyable.”

It’s my privilege to be your pastor. The people of Cornerstone are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  (Well, that is if the monkeys all had masks on and were practicing social distancing.)


Pastor Ron Armstrong

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