Cornerstone Kidz Life Groups!


We are very excited to introduce “Life Groups” to Ckidz. The Life Groups will take place Sunday mornings during each service. All you need to do is click HERE to register your child.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What do CKidz Life Groups look like? 
The first half of each service is when all of the kids are together for worship, games, and a lesson from the Bible. Life groups will happen for the second half of service. If your child is signed up for Life groups, they get the chance to meet with the same 10 kids each week during this time. Click HERE to sign up.

Why should I sign my child up? 

We want kids to be able to connect with God and each other during their time in Ckidz. We want to be able to hear every prayer request, answer each question, and give focused attention to each child, to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Our hope and prayer is that Life Groups will give your child an opportunity to become more connected to God and each other. Click HERE to sign up.
If I sign my child up now, will I need to do it again later? 

If you sign up now, it is for the 2017-2018 school year. So, you will be asked to sign up again next fall. However, we will do everything we can to keep the kids in the same group as the previous year. Click HERE to sign up.

When do Ckidz Life Groups Start? 

Ckidz Life Groups will launch at every service on the Weekend of October 28th and 29th.  We ask that you sign up by October 23rd to give us the time to prepare.  Click HERE to sign up.

This sounds awesome! How do I help? 

You can sign up to serve in Ckidz! Click HERE to sign up to volunteer.
If you have any questions about Ckidz Life Groups contact Karissa Harrison at