our Mission

Our mission is to reach people, make disciples and build relationships. At Cornerstone Community Church, we place a high emphasis on helping you and your family connect with God and others.


our Story

Cornerstone Community Church began back in 1992 when founding and senior pastor, Ron Armstrong, moved his family to the Temecula Valley, along with four other families, to start a different kind of church. Like most beginnings, it was an exciting and scary time. Our first service was on February 2, 1992, and we didn’t know if a single person would show up. Over 300 people came and more importantly, 200 of them came back!

Our first year was spent meeting at rented facilities until we eventually acquired our current property. Over the years we built multiple buildings as hundreds more joined our family.

But soon after the completion of our newest sanctuary, tough times hit with the great recession of 2007. A short time later, personal tragedy challenged our leadership team, when Pastor Ron and his family experienced the loss of their oldest son in December of 2008.

The Armstrong family and the church family went through a season of intense grief. This was a difficult chapter, but a significant one nonetheless, telling the story of people unwilling to quit even when times were hard.

God in His amazing compassion and guidance has brought both the family and the church to healing, strength and renewed vision.

Today, we are writing a new chapter. Our community is growing, our worship is blossoming, and our teaching is more relevant than it has ever been.

Please join us. We’d love for you to be a part of this next chapter in the Cornerstone story!


our Team

Cornerstone believes that we are better together. Our staff has a blast serving Jesus, His people, and each other. Let us know how we can help you grow in your relationships, develop your gifts, and find success in your life.

our Leadership

Cornerstone is led by our senior pastor, a strategic leadership team and our pastors and directors. If you’re looking for someone to blame, you’ve found the right spot.

Ron Armstrong

Senior Pastor

Ron is the founding pastor and speaker at Cornerstone Community Church. He is a natural storyteller with the keen ability to help people understand the Bible in ways that apply to everyday life. He has a Masters Degree from Azusa Pacific and a Juris Doctor from Western State (yes, he’s a lawyer, but you’ll like him anyway!). When you hear him speak, expect to laugh and occasionally cry. And when you least expect it, something he’s saying will sneak up on you and you’ll suddenly realize “that was for me.” Ron and his wife Deb have been married for ages, raising two sons. They tragically lost their eldest, Ryan, but are grateful for the joy and happiness both boys have brought into their lives. He is also an avid reader and was selected by Barnes and Noble as “the customer most likely to help us survive a recession.” When Ron’s not reading or hanging out with Deb, you may find him on a local golf course. He finds it unbecoming for a pastor to curse so he generally takes a friend with him to curse for the both of them.

Pastors, Ministers & Directors