January 5, 2017

Year in Review Part Two

Last week we went over what we are doing in the countries of Kenya and India, from dorm rehab and training scholarships with Empower Lives International to scheduling vision trips in 2017. In this post we’re covering what Cornerstone is doing for the Driway people in South Asia and unveiling our Adopt-a-Verse campaign, which we will be launching in Fall of 2017.

The Driway People – S. Asia

First Vision Trip

  • Inspired by Finish The Task, calling for the Global Church to reach the last known people groups on the planet by the year 2025, last year we added an Unreached People Group (UPG) to our list of strategic partnerships. We entered into a memorandum of understanding with a third-generation missionary couple working among unreached Hindu tribes in one of the hardest to reach countries in S. Asia.
  • The Driway People (pseudonym used and country name excluded in print due to security) are estimated to be as many as 1.1 million. They received a few gospel recordings in their language in the 1980’s, and some 30 registered decisions were recorded. However, without follow up or discipleship, the current situation leaves them with very few known believers.
  • Cornerstone committed to support the work of the Village Outreach Program (VOP) which targets pre-evangelism and incorporating the gospel thru community development training and traditional song and dance among the tribal community leaders.
  • This year our global director visited these ministry partners, met the VOP workers and their families, and other strategic ministry partners and agencies working in near culture areas. Together we are praying for the very first healthy and growing church among this people group where the gospel is being preached to those who have never heard it before.
    Christian Village Land Scheme
  • In addition to the community development training, and translating the gospel into song and dance, it was recommended that a proven strategy that has worked for establishing a Christian community in nearby cultures was a land scheme. After purchasing a small piece of land, families who have made public professions to Christ are invited to purchase a small plot and build their own home and work the land inside a village compound, which will include a small simple church building and community training center. If successful, this would be the first church and Christian community among the Driway people!
  • This year Cornerstone contributed $20k for the land purchase, so the first homes may be completed as early as the coming year.

Adopt a Verse

  • The Driway have no scriptures in their languages apart from a few songs and selected recordings. Partnering with The Seed Company, this year Cornerstone committed to an “adopt a verse” program that will help fund the translation of all four Gospels and Acts in their language over the next three years.

Though already approved, this adopt a verse program is still under development, and anticipated to be rolled out for an all-church wide campaign Fall of 2017.

Looking Ahead for 2017

Global Millennials (GM’s)

  • This year our Pastor RB challenged our Global steering team to purposely engage our Millennial staff. 8 or so “GM’s” eagerly stepped up, each with a story of how God has been burdening them to be part of the bigger picture. We set up an ongoing conversation to meet and explore together how God might be leading them to be part of His global vision for Christ reconciling all things, to the ends of the earth, and lead us at Cornerstone in the process.

GM Trip Teams

  • With a focus on GM’s, we have provided generous staff scholarships to get each of these into the field, where they can get out of their comfort zones, engage with our global partners, learn more about how God might be leading us, and bring that back home.
  • The India GM team is scheduled to visit Uncle George in India in Oct/Nov of 2017.
  • The Kenya GM team is scheduled to visit ELI July 2017.
  • Both of these teams have Cornerstone GM Pastors on the roster.

Adopt a Verse

  • The Driway Adopt a Verse project scheduled for Sept 2017 promises to be our first all church, 4-6 week global campaign that will easily connect the average attender to our unreached people group. The Gospel of Matthew will be erected with the full script on display on the patio, where each attendee or family can sign their name next to a verse or story and sponsor the translation into the Driway language – for the first time in history!

Cornerstone School

  • Looking across the oceans, it occurred to us we have opportunities for global engagements literally right here on campus. Cornerstone School has 35 students studying here from abroad, and usually living with a Cornerstone family. 33 of these are from China. Most are not professing Christ followers.
  • We are looking for ways to help Cornerstone families who have “stepped up” in this cross-cultural engagement in ways they may not currently be fully supported. Like setting up a “big brother/big sister” connecting a Global Team member with a foreign student that will relationally and intentionally supplement and support the hosting family.
  • We are also exploring ways to assist our hosting families better understand and articulate the basics of the Christian faith with their student thru online apologetics training with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM).

Communication and Team Building

  • Our GM discussion has included enhancing our Global Partnership messaging to “get the word out” to our people more effectively and more consistently thru email, video updates, blogging, surveying, Facebook posts, and special events. We are hopeful this new energy and expertise will help us with our general communication and awareness of what Cornerstone Global Missions is doing.

Prayer Support

  • Perhaps the greatest weakness we have identified moving forward is our commitment to strategic prayer – for our partners, for our projects, and for our own participation as we move deeper into the enemy’s hard defended territory. Next year we will explore, devise, and implement a corporate prayer strategy that will move beyond our steering team and purposefully engage in this essential spiritual weaponry.

To get involved in Cornerstone’s Global Missions, email GlobalMissions@go2cornerstone.com to get more information!

Andy Weigel,
Director of Global Missions

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