August 7, 2018

Summer Series and Propel Recap: Be the Light

Once you encounter the light, be the light. This was the challenge that Pastor Ron Baum gave during his summer sermon series, Driving Out the Darkness—a challenge to be the light in our world, our communities, and even in our church.

Many took that challenge seriously and decided to join us for some of our summer options to further dive into the series and learn practical ways to shine the light they’ve encountered.

For some, that meant attending Summer Series, our first-ever summer life groups series that met for three weeks in July. The format included round table discussion and featured two live speakers every week. Summer Series was an opportunity for Cornerstone attendees, both new and old, to come and gather together, meet new people each week, and engage with content on how to live out the abundant life that Christ offers us. Each week, men and women from teenagers to senior citizens came together to learn and grow.

This interactive study allowed for people to explore topics like spiritual disciplines and spiritual gifts and be challenged in areas of serving and growing in their community. It was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ coming together. We look forward to hosting other mid-size formats similar to summer series in the near future…stay tuned!

In addition to summer series, Cornerstone women enjoyed a session of Propel, a dynamic six-week video study for women to help discover and activate their God-given purpose in life. Propel helped equip women by giving them the tools to move forward and grow in their faith. Led by volunteers, this experience was described as “life-changing” by some of the women who attended. Women who left Propel were left feeling driven and motivated to not only grow in their faith, but use the gifts that God has given them into their homes, workplaces, and communities.

If you missed checking out either of these events, don’t worry, join us for Relationship Reno, a three-week series for singles and marrieds of all ages and stages, designed to help equip you for the relationships in your life. Register today!

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