Time to WIN

Are your finances making your decisions? This series will teach you how to WIN the day and manage your treasures for God’s glory.

Part One January 12, 2015
Part Two January 19, 2015
Part Three January 25, 2015
Part Four February 2, 2015

What’s Important Now?

Money is one of the 3 most common life struggles. The Bible is really helpful in providing us with a good strategy for managing our money, but we must start by asking ourselves, “Whats Important Now?”

When You’ve Had Enough

Pastor Ron outlines a strategy for finding your wants, managing expenses and tackling your debt.

The Giving-Receiving-Saving Circles

Saving is what allows you to start unexpected circles of giving and receiving and to prepare for other future opportunities. But saving and giving require purposeful action.

Income, Fun and Making it Work

Saving is important, but waiting to spend has its risks.