The Voyage

Part One August 7, 2016
Part Two August 14, 2016
Part Three August 21, 2016
Part Four August 29, 2016
Part Five September 12, 2016
Part Six September 19, 2016
Part September 26, 2016
Part October 3, 2016

The Church Makes “Us”

The Church is led by people like you.

Two Sermons of Pentecost

We all need our discipleship brought deeper. We all need connections with others.

Surprised Expectations

Be part of God’s refreshing by receiving it and giving it.

In Your Blind Spot?

It’s not dangerous to not know something. It’s dangerous to not know that you don’t know.

Image Always Costs

Image preoccupation hinders close genuine relationships.

The Beginning of People Problems

Our first church problem and our current church problem are not very different.

Lighting the Fuse

Six lessons for dealing with disagreeing groups.

Seeing Fully and Being Fully Seen

To truly connect, we must be “fully seen.”