The Story 7-12

Part One September 28, 2015
Part Two October 5, 2015
Part Three October 12, 2015
Part Four October 19, 2015
Part Five October 26, 2015
Part Six November 2, 2015

The Battle of You

You’re never too young or too old to take new territory. Start by fighting the internal battle first.

The Leadership Failure

There are all kinds of simple and complex patterns that people become trapped in. Here are 5 steps to conquering those patterns.

The Foundations of Deep Relationships

The story of Ruth is a story of selflessness in a world of selfishness.

Impatient, Impetuous, and Ruined Potential

A “ruined potential” life can happen through bad choices or inattention. Are you going the direction you want in these four areas?

Your Winding Road of Leadership

Your leadership road requires you to keep moving forward and adapting. Don’t get stuck.

Epic Failure

Reputation destroying failure usually involves prideful choices. Are you fooling yourself into thinking you are strong enough to resist temptation?