The Story 1-6

Part One August 17, 2015
Part Two August 24, 2015
Part Three September 1, 2015
Part Four September 8, 2015
Part Five September 14, 2015
Part Six September 21, 2015

That Went Ugly Fast

Lots of situations in the Bible call for you to sit still, be quiet, or just wait. These aren’t them.

More Than a New Name, a New Blessing

What are the desires of your heart? What would you like to be called? Here are 5 traps that will stop you from realizing your vision for yourself.

The Small, Big and Grand Stories

The way to have a life that is pleasing to the Lord is one small story at a time.


When God calls you, He equips you to accomplish the mission to which he is calling you.

The Defining Agreement

Defining and memorializing a relationship opens the door for blessing and closes the door to danger.

Givers and Takers

Givers become takers when they feel taken advantage of. How can we stop this from happening to us?