The Struggle is Real

We all feel pressure to put our lives on display on social media with big smiles, although deep down we know those posts aren’t 100% reality. Behind the adventures and selfies, we are all dealing with real life struggles. At Cornerstone, we believe in focusing on what’s real. Join us as we look at many of the common struggles we all deal with and learn practical ways to overcome and put Christ back as the main focus in our lives.

Part One April 25, 2017
Part Two May 1, 2017
Part Three May 8, 2017
Part Four May 15, 2017
Part Five May 22, 2017
Part Six May 30, 2017

The Struggle is Real: Constant Comparison

Celebrate other people’s successes and pray for their struggles.

Living Up Close And Real Helps

We’re afraid that people won’t like us if we are real, but how do you feel when someone else is real?

Make Every Encounter Count

How do people feel when they see you coming?

Breaking the Rejection Cycle

Relationships are almost impossible when we’re stuck in the rejection cycle.

The Crucial Conversation

Being able to have effective crucial conversations can be an incredibly valuable skill.

Making the Conversation Safe

“Speak when you are angry and you’ll make the best speech you will ever regret.” -Ambrose Bierce