The Story Part 2

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God and Courage Wins it All

Courage counts when things are bad. Don’t give up, don’t run, and don’t quit.

Nehemiah Gets the Bad News

Old patterns will rule us unless we proactively build new ones. Are you living in a pattern you are glad to have?

You’re Just Right

You’re not too young, you’re not too old and you’re not limited by God’s power. So what is stopping you?

The Other Side

Life storms are an inevitable part of life, but we have a choice in how we respond.

It’s The Season Of…

Knowing the season your life is in helps you know when it’s time to take action, rest or wait.

The Holy Week Story

We see Holy Week as beginning with the excitement of Palm Sunday and ending with the glory of Easter, but it doesn’t. It ends in fear.

Christ Paid For My Sin And…

Sin may be our biggest problem, but it isn’t our only problem.

The Key is the Timing

In a confusing, isolating, difficult world, feeding our spirit and guiding our decisions is critically important.

Climbing the Barriers to Love

To understand The Epistles, you have to understand the “uncomfortable church” problem.

Real Discipleship

Five things disciples understand and practice.