Route 66

Part One May 18, 2015
Part Two May 25, 2015
Part Three June 1, 2015
Part Four June 8, 2015
Part Five June 14, 2015
Part Six June 22, 2015
Part June 29, 2015

The Ultimate Road Trip

When is the right time to get on the road to freedom? Right NOW. Pack fast, pack light and start early.

Should I Trust You?

Relationship trust with God and people makes life sweeter. It’s hard to have closeness without trust.

Big Trouble at Motel 6

Pride is the fundamental cause of idols. We want to be creator instead of created.

In a Bad Neighborhood, Stick Together

The idea of the go-it-alone leader fighting battles is a fallacy.

One Wrong Turn

Make your small decisions good decisions. Decide to pray instead of doubt, or be kind instead of caustic, or a hundred other small things that train you for the critical moment.


Name your battle: You have a battle you must win. Win it decisively, and never fight it alone.

The Parting at the End of the Exodus Road

Your spiritual success is irrevocably connected to your spiritual obedience.