Part One July 17, 2019
Part Two July 22, 2019
Part Three July 29, 2019
Part Four August 5, 2019
Part Five August 12, 2019
Part Six August 19, 2019

Who Understands Suffering?

The message of John the Baptist:  Things are really bad; there is immorality in our neighbors, our leaders, and in us, but “good news” is coming.

Everybody Listens

The shocking thing about the disciples is that they will only range from ORDINARY to undesirable.

This is New

Decisions are easier if we eliminate immoral and stupid decisions.

Do Good Anyway

So, during a problem, hurt, or conflict, do good anyway.

Be the One Who Hears and Listens

We see wonderful BLESSING from God right along with extreme pain because we live in the “Already started, but not yet fully here” Kingdom of God.

Learning to Trust, Even When…

When the storms of life come, they usually come out of NOWHERE.