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January 22

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Men’s Breakfast

Join the men of Cornerstone for a men’s breakfast. This is a great chance to meet other men at the church. We’ll have a brief talk from Pastor Chet Lowe designed to inspire us to live our lives for the Lord as well as a few other activities that will be fun.
If you (or your guest) are new to Cornerstone then your breakfast is free, so invite your friends from the community.

Pastor Andy’s friend, Chet Lowe, has a passion for God’s work, which has led him on an adventure with God, starting with a mission to Liberia, Africa, when he was only thirteen years old. After being a missionary in Liberia for several years, Lowe married his wife Andrea in 1994, who joined him on the mission field a year later with their four-month-old son, to minister to the Liberian nation in the middle of a civil war. For several years, he and his family worked diligently to bring peace to the hearts of men in the midst of such turmoil and strife. Threatened with war, ambush, disease and hunger, Lowe and his family began to see the fruit of planting seventeen churches. These churches co-labored with his desire to minister to the children who were fighting in the civil war. Working in conjunction with the local church, Lowe opened seven rehabilitation homes known as Joseph’s Brethren. These homes ministered to over 1,500 child soldiers (ages 5-18) by taking them out of combat, showing them the love of Christ through a well-structured, six-week ministry and placing them in foster homes until their biological families could be found. Chet is the author of the book, Living Parable.