November 7, 2018

Created for Community

Did you know that you were created for community?


It all started from the very beginning. God had just created the world and everything in it. He made the earth and the sky and the stars and the sun. When he was done with the heavens, he worked on the land and filled it with plants and the trees. Then he made all of the animals. Finally, he created the first human being. As God created and things came into existence he would continually call them “good.”

The first thing in the Bible described as “not good” was the fact that man was alone (Genesis 2:18). So, God created the first woman, Eve, as a partner, and someone to do life with the man.

From the beginning of time it was clear that we were not made to do life alone.

Yet, today our culture tells a different story. We live in a society that values independence and individuality. We applaud those who live on their own terms. Relying on others can even be viewed as weakness in a world that tells us that we are the only ones that matter and we alone are in control of our lives. With the prevalence of social media, we may have thousands of people we are digitally connected to each day, but the reality is that we feel more alone than ever. Why? The individuality becomes isolating. The connectedness we have does not equal real community.

So, what’s the anecdote?





The very thing that you were created for.

Enter Life Groups.

Life Groups are a place for people who are looking for community, connection, and growth. A place for people to do real life together. The kind of life that is sometimes sad and messy. The kind of life that is lived better together.

The goal of life groups is for you to find that community you were designed for. This fall we launched thirty brand new life groups. That’s roughly 300 people who were not previously connected have now found their people.

If you haven’t yet joined a life group, don’t worry, we will have plenty of new groups launching in winter 2019 and a place for you to connect with others. We don’t want you to miss out on the chance to do life with others. Why? Because you were created for it.

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