October 1, 2015

Where Do You Go With Your Struggles?

We all have them—struggles. Yours may not be apparent to those outside your immediate circle, or something others would consider “serious,” but to you, they are very real and affect more areas of your life than you might like to admit.

So where do you go with your struggles? Do you have a trusted friend or family member, a counselor, or a support group? What happens when that person or group can no longer help or is no longer willing to help, or even listen?

Not everyone thinks of going to the church first when they have a struggle, but for many years Cornerstone Community Church has been a place individuals and families can turn to when they need help with the difficulties of life.

We call ourselves a church “For Real Life.” To us, this means that our sermons are practical—addressing the difficulties affecting your daily life, but it also means we offer programs and classes that can help you navigate through this life, and find support and healing.

One of the longest running programs at Cornerstone, and a great example of our commitment to helping people change their lives, is Couples Connection, led by Pastor Ron Baum and his wife, Julie. We know that marriage can be hard, but when couples have support and work hard on their marriage, the results can be incredible! Through this five-week session, offered several times during the year, couples are given tools that help them build strong, healthy marriages.

One of the many couples that has gone through Couples Connection and seen their marriage, and lives, change is Pavel and Donna Cifuentes. Pavel says, “Donna and I were both committed to our marriage, but we struggled with outside stressors. We began having communication struggles and stopped putting each other first. We knew we needed to do something, we just weren’t sure what.”

When they heard about Couples Connection at a Sunday morning service, they knew it was what their marriage needed.

“The messages were instructional, but more importantly, they were God-centered and REAL!,” says Pavel. “They were given by a couple that had seen their own share of struggles and knew what they were talking about. Even though it’s been several years since we went to the class, we still use the tools we learned in Couples Connection, which have had a huge and positive impact on our marriage.”

Couples Connection is just one example of the ways Cornerstone helps people through the struggles of life. Your marriage may not be your area of difficulty. For you, it may be your finances, the loss of a loved one, parenting issues, or something else.

Real life happens everyday. Don’t face it alone any longer. If you aren’t already connected with a church here in Wildomar or nearby that is meeting your needs, try Cornerstone. Visit us for one of our weekend services and see what we mean when we say we are a church “For Real Life.” Check out our calendar of upcoming events for classes or groups you can join. If you don’t see what you are looking for there, give us a call, or contact us through our website.

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