February 3, 2015

Waiting to be Used from the Pew

It wasn’t that long ago when I sat in the pews listening to the Word every Sunday from Pastor Ron; watching others do the Lord’s work and reaping the fullness of HIS blessings.

I did want to be involved, but surely I was called to be a silent prayer warrior; to do the work behind the scenes without getting too “involved.”

Over the period of a few weeks that all started to change. I felt something, something different, something working inside of me, something calling me to get involved. I started going to a midweek bible study

and was so very blessed through that study and the ones that followed. I met many wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord, and it really made the church feel more like a family.

Not long after, the call came out during the church services, week after week, “The church needs our help!” I heard GOD calling me to get involved, but I sat, waiting to see how I could be used from the pews.

Surely GOD cannot use me. What could I do? I am only one person with so little to offer. So GOD kept calling.

Then one day it hit me, I cannot do the Lord’s work from the pew. It takes us, by faith, to personally get involved. So I prayed, “How do you want me to do it?”

I thought to myself, “I cannot quote every bible verse like a great theologian. I am not a great public speaker. I stumble on my own words and thoughts. How can I be used? What can I do?”

I knew GOD was calling me to get involved, but how? So I made an agreement with the LORD. I signed up to help one Sunday, and left the spot where it asked what you would like to help with blank. Then I prayed,

“Wherever you want me.”

It wasn’t long after, that I received a call from CKIDZ asking me to come in to help out, and it has been such a blessing ever since.

I have found my first love again—the joy of the LORD is with me.

I am not doing the impossible. I am not building a skyscraper or learning to fly a passenger jet. I am simply doing whatever I am called to do, whenever I am called to do it. I am not a perfect man—not by a l


shot. And thanks to GOD for His grace, for accepting me with all my shortfalls. But through Christ Jesus, in my imperfections, HE makes perfect the work HE does through me. And that is AWESOME, because I am

very imperfect, so HE does all the work!

My life hasn’t been changed in all areas, on all fronts, or made perfect in all things. I still have struggles. I still need HIM every minute of every day, knowing now more than ever that HE holds our very

breath in HIS hands.

But I feel HIS presence with me, more and more. I hear HIS voice. I see HIS hand in all things; both in my life and in the lives of others. And that, my friend, is a wonderful thing!

So don’t sit around waiting for a sign much larger than what has already been given. Get involved, be plugged in daily, and you will see the blessings in your life too!

May GOD continue to guide us and bless us every day of our lives!

Jason Williams,
Cornerstone Kidz Volunteer

Ready to get involved? Contact CKidz@go2cornerstone.com.

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