November 4, 2014

Tom Fleischmann – A Family Turned Around

Five years ago my family was suffering with our 3 sons: 2 on drugs and 1 alcoholic. Our lives were filled with arguing and anger. We decided to find a church and try to fill our lives with something different.

My neighbor told me about his church, Cornerstone, and so we gave it a try. We came on Easter Sunday 2009 and the first person we met was a greeter in the lower parking lot. I thought how strange it was that someone was glad we came.

We came back every Sunday for a year and things began to change. The Holy Spirit entered our lives and our hearts. Today our sons are living drug and alcohol free.

That greeter, making me feel welcome, brought me back and the Holy Spirit did the rest. It made me want to do the same for others and so I volunteered to be a greeter. Within a year I found myself leading the team, making people feel welcome to our church. If it’s the first time or the 100th time, it’s important that people feel welcomed. I believe God has led me here and I can’t wait to see where he leads me next.

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