November 4, 2014

Scott Larrabee – Stepping Out And Letting God Lead

My wife Lynette, our daughter Shae and I have been attending Cornerstone for about 7½ years. There is no doubt in our hearts that God had lead us here and this is the church where we belong. I spent the first 6 or so years trying to fit God into my schedule. We were in church most every Sunday and that was it, we were just there. As far as bible studies or other ministries for myself, I just had no time. I had an excuse for why I couldn’t commit to attending any of them.

One Sunday, I got to service early and was watching the monitor and reading the upcoming events. There was one listed for a men’s bible study, “Top Gun”, early on Sunday mornings before service. Now, what was my excuse; this study fit into my schedule. Little did I know it was a 64 week study and it has changed not only my life, but my family’s life.

Getting involved, making connections with other church members, stepping outside my comfort zone and committing to a study/ministry has opened many doors for God to lead me. I now realize that I don’t have to fit God in to my schedule, when I allow Him to lead my life, He has me right where He wants me. No more excuses! I am so thankful to Jesus for being so patient with me. It shouldn’t take 6 years to say yes to a study or a ministry – just do it!

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