October 3, 2014

Mark McQuade – He Had Other Plans for Me

He had other plans for me…

God’s amazing Grace. Undeserved favor.

I was completely lost, hopeless, angry, and desperate. Totally caught in the prison of alcoholism and drug addiction. No way out. Destined to die alone in a rundown motel in some lost city.

I had tried various recovery programs, will power, etc. Always my way.

Incomprehensible demoralization. I had lost everything and everybody. No one wanted to watch and be hurt anymore. Through this desperation and hopelessness I hit my knees in a little chapel at the Salvation Army in Perris, CA. I cried out and sobbed like a child. Looking back I realize for the first time in my life I prayed from the heart, not from my head. I had been forever trying to make deals with God. “Father, you get me out of this and I promise…”

I remember only pieces of my prayer that night, but I do remember telling Him, “I need you God!”

Everything changed for me that night and it has been an incredible journey since. My church, Cornerstone, has been essential to my growth as a Christian man. I get fed through my church and the people (family) that attend, but I have also been taught a lot about responsibilities as a Christian and Cornerstone member. I am giving back—being a part of ministry—returning what has been freely given to me and proud to be part of the CKIDZ team.

I remember my first visit: the first worship song, the fullness in my heart, and the tears in my daughter’s eyes. I knew I was home!

Today, I am free through His amazing Grace.

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