A Message from Pastor Ron


NEXT is about equipping people – in our backyard and around our world – 3 projects that will impact our tomorrows – today.


Cornerstone should be a place to make lasting connections. This project includes a commercial kitchen, a fantastic patio environment, a redesigned main lobby, and “oh please,” a no dust road. But if none of those things mean anything to you it’s OK. I need you to join with me on one thing that I think will resonate with all of you. We need a baptistery at Cornerstone. We don’t have one. We should have one. It’s time to get one.


We think Cornerstone should be a place kids want to come to and hate to leave. This project includes a redesigned theater entrance to kids theater, a seating area by the playground for parents to hang out and connect, and necessary equipment for both Middle School and High School environments.


We are engaged with world changing partnerships where lives are changed, and big differences are made. We want the gospel to spread to unreached people groups, we want education to impact lives, and individuals to impact their purpose globally.

Imagine people just like you giving up the things they love, the things they are used to ... for the things they love even more, the things they dream of seeing happen. Imagine having a front row seat to God’s redemption process in the lives of your friends, family and co-workers right here at Cornerstone.

That’s the call of NEXT. A new chapter in the story God is writing at Cornerstone – written for long-term impact within our community and around our world.



The Patio will be a centralized, comfortable space where people can sit in the shade with a friend or watch their children play. In a busy world we all need a place to slow down and connect. Cornerstone will be that place.
   • An inviting patio with seating and special places for guests and volunteers
   • A permanent Baptistery

People connect better with food in their belly and drink in their hand. This state-of-the-art commercial kitchen will serve as a central hub for community as it pumps out mouthwatering confections and high quality coffee.
   • Great coffee served throughout the campus
   • Prep space for all ministry breakfasts and gatherings
   • Full kitchen to facilitate banquets and formal events

There are thousands who worship God at Cornerstone. A no-dust road and two new parking lots will encourage them to stay for a while and bring their friends.
   • 396 new parking spots
   • Your vehicle will stay clean all weekend long
   • No more guilt from parking lot swearing


Project TWO: KIDS

Infants and toddlers will learn of God’s love in their very own train station. This world-class, safe and nurturing environment features a steam engine, caboose, and store fronts where children will be served by our caring staff.
   • Electronic “ticketing-counter” will improve child check-in
   • Interactive elements to capture the imagination
   • Fresh, clean, and nurturing environments

There is nothing more important to us than our kids. We’re going to build places kids want to come to and hate to leave. We’re going to tell them the story of Jesus.
We’re building:
   • Remodel exterior of Kid’s Theater
   • A new entrance to the train station from the patio
   • A place for parents to hang out while their kids play
   • Updated equipment for youth environments
Imagine your child or grandchild growing up to follow Jesus. Would there be anything better?
Now shapes then. We see this in our lives clearly…our teenage choices impact our lives today. That’s why our students need relevant environments – where they can choose to make their faith their own. Most importantly, it will allow us to offer more student services throughout the week and weekend.
   • Hi-tech audio, video and lighting
   • Dedicated space communicates value to our students
   • Relevant space fosters real conversations about God



In South Asia, we are helping to reach an unreached tribe of some 1.1 million people living in a Muslim majority culture. In North India, we are helping to plant quality Christian schools in places where new churches are not accepted, but high quality English speaking schools are welcomed. In East Africa, we are helping to equip the poor to live sustainable lives that honor God, particularly among women brewers trapped in a dangerous and illegal form of alcoholism.

Cornerstone partners with a number of organizations that align with our purpose and our core values. By seeking long lasting relationships with local ministries that have a broad scope of services and can utilize a wide variety of volunteer gifts and abilities. Our desire is to be a benefit to these partners and the community they serve with prayer, people and finances. Currently, there are three specific ministries we have partnered with: Project TOUCH in Temecula, HOPE (Helping Our People in Elsinore), and the Dream Center of Lake Elsinore. Rooted groups, individuals and families continue to be a blessing and be blessed by these partners.


Campaign Video
Early Childhood Station
Kids Theater
Global Missions Report
Vision Night

Our goal is for families to open their hearts and wallets.
For us to invest $1 million in the story of Cornerstone we call NEXT.

Some questions you might have:
What about my regular tithes and offerings?
This is above our regular tithes and offerings. We still need to operate the church and continue our regular ministries.
How do the pledges work?
We’re asking for people to make a 36-month pledge commitment. You can pay it by check, online giving, credit card (for you airline mile addicts), stocks, bonds or other assets, pony express, or small bills in an unmarked brown paper bag.
When will these projects start?
As soon as your check clears the bank.
When do the pledges start?
Right away, click GIVE NOW. No seriously, what are you waiting for?
Here’s what we’re asking you to do:
1. GIVE ONLINE or DOWNLOAD and read the pledge card.
This is above our regular tithes and offerings. We still need to operate the church and continue our regular ministries.
2. Sit down with your family.
Go through this site with them and talk about your family’s involvement.
3. Prayerfully make a pledge.
We’re asking 1,000 families to make a pledge to these projects.
4. We’re going to have a first fruits offering on November 15th and 16th.
Weigh over how much of your pledge you can pay up front. This’ll really help us get projects moving quickly.
5. Turn in your pledge card. Drop it in the offering.
Hand it to Pastor Ron. Mail it in. However you get it to us, we’ll appreciate that you did.