March 27, 2018

Holy Monday

This past weekend Pastor Ron walked us through Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday. Throughout Holy Week we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the events that took place in order to gain a better understanding and prepare our hearts for our Easter celebration.

Tradition would tell us that Holy Monday is when Jesus cleansed the temple. It’s mentioned in all 4 of the gospels. It had to be one of those moments that turned heads and left people in absolute shock when tables were turned and people chased out.

So was this a meltdown moment for Jesus? Was he having a bad day? Just yesterday He had the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. People were waving palm trees. They sang at the top of their lungs, declaring Him: “Hosanna in the Highest.” Jesus is fully aware of what is about to come at the end of the week. Could it be His stress was off the charts?

We need to remember this is the second time Jesus did this at the temple. The first time, Jesus taught and admonished that the temple was not to be made a mockery of. He demonstrates the second time that the temple is a place of prayer, a place to connect with God, in complete reverence

In the New Testament our lives are described as the “temple” of God. Sometimes distractions in life can disconnect us from God. The very way we live can be a mockery. Our lives can be far from Him or maybe we have lost our sense of purpose with Him.

Possibly today is as good a day as any to allow Jesus to turn our lives upside down. That on this Holy Monday we cleanse the temple of our life and re-connect with God intentionally and reverently.

You’re invited this weekend to experience Easter at Cornerstone and see what God wants to do in your life! Extend the invitation to your friends and family to join you at our Baxter Campus in Wildomar with this Facebook Event or invite them to join you at our Menifee Campus. We can’t wait to share what we have planned!


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