Tackling Real Life takes an A-Team, not a Lone Ranger. Smart, Brave Men are committed to developing, challenging, and encouraging each other, intelligently and courageously applying God’s word to whatever life throws at us. Through events that build friendships and cultivate character, together, we stand shoulder to shoulder facing every daily challenge as a community of born leaders.


Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, sometimes a woman just needs some sisters! Real Life Women invites you into a circle of moms, business leaders, single-ladies, and married women all learning the art of being loved together. From casual meet ups to intimate retreats we provide a spectrum of opportunities to build deep friendships rooted in faith, the kinds that encourage us, challenge us, and make real-life more beautiful.


We believe marriage should be serious fun. We’ve experienced first-hand that when a couple takes the time to work hard at their marriage, the results are incredible. That’s why we’ve created a ministry for you and your spouse to connect with each other, connect with God and get the tools you need to make your relationship go from boring to better, good to great, and tolerable to terrific.

Kids & Teens

There is nothing more important to us than our kids. Our world class, safe and fun environments create space for our kids to make their faith their own. We offer environments for infants through fifth grade during all weekend services. And student ministry services Sundays at 10:20 and Tuesday or Wednesday evenings throughout the school year.

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Small Groups

Small Groups are designed to help you develop significant relationships. They are typically comprised of 8 to 12 people who meet on a regular basis in homes or on campus. Small groups are drawn together by common interests, a specific topic or activity, or a particular demographic. Use our small group search engine to find a group, or start your own, and grow closer to God and others.