September 20, 2017

From Rows to Circles

Inspiration happens in rows. Transformation happens in a circle. 1,000 people just found their circle.

Everyone desires to belong; to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s far too easy to come to church week after week, file into our rows while barely glancing to our left and right at the unknown faces next to us. We may leave inspired, but still we crave something more; something deeper. At our Life Group Launch Party we saw people move from rows into circles. Faces were seen and voices were heard for the first time. The mood of the night was optimistic and hopeful as people bravely showed up to find their place, their tribe, their home.

Life groups launched this fall with over 1,000 people signed up, ready to find their people. We saw an amazing 36% increase from last year alone. When new vision was cast for our life group program this year it was simple: we wanted every single person in our church to find their place and find their people to connect with. We recognize that we are all better when we do life together. Church was never intended to be something that we do alone—it’s about what we can do when we are united as one.

Life Groups Sub PictureWe celebrated our new groups with our first-ever Life Group Launch Party. Hundreds of women, men, couples, and singles of all ages gathered together, worshipped, laughed, and connected with their groups. The time they spent together made them feel a little less afraid of joining and a little bit more excited for the semester they get to spend with their new groups.

While the numbers and growth are promising, it is still our goal for everyone at Cornerstone to find their people. There is still time to join a group. And, if the times and the locations do not work for you, we empower you to start your own group! Grab some of your friends, neighbors, people you regularly see at church and start your own group. It could be in your home, in a coffee shop, or at a local park. Don’t miss out on the chance and opportunity to find your people and walk out this life in community.


Join a Life Group Today!

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