May 23, 2018

Do Life Together

Our motto for our life groups ministry at Cornerstone is, “Do Life Together.” It’s simple, but it effectively describes the goal of our Life Groups. It’s not about having more programs; it’s about building community. It’s about individuals finding their people to help navigate the highs, the lows, the rollercoaster that life is. Life Groups are not just about reading our Bibles and doing our studies together, though that does happen. It’s about the relationships that are built within the groups.

This week we celebrate a year of life groups at Cornerstone. A year of exponential growth. A year of life change. A year of people learning more about what it means to live in community with other believers. This year we saw over 1100 people do this thing we call life together. It’s amazing and beautiful how unique each expression of life together has been.

We saw life groups physically meet the needs of the members of their groups: people who needed help gardening and cleaning out their backyards and couldn’t afford to hire help had their group members chip in and labor for one another. Rides were given to doctor’s appointments. Meals were brought to new moms and dads. People who were sick in the hospital were visited and loved on.

We saw other groups carry one another’s emotional burdens as they navigated though life’s traumas like miscarriage, loss of a loved one, and marriages that were struggling. Groups are a safe place for those who are hurting and need people to encourage them.

We saw groups receive support and care from others in their same stage of life. The young mothers in Mom2Mom, who are in the thick of caring for young children would come and receive hot brunch, connection from other moms, and even the mentorship from a seasoned mom. For the first time ever, young adults were able to have groups specifically-catered to their life stage and life-long relationships and friendships were built.

We saw groups taking the next steps and serving together by feeding the homeless, helping with our local ministry partners, and working together to serve in children’s and youth ministry.

Doing life together didn’t exactly mean the same thing to each of the 1100, but regardless, life happened.

On Tuesday we had our first life group celebration event; a night to remember and celebrate God’s faithfulness in this ministry, and a year to celebrate everyone who said “Yes!” this year. “Yes” to more community. “Yes” to uncomfortable. “Yes” to deeper. “Yes” to doing life together.

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