September 22, 2017

Cornerstone Menifee Launch Recap from Tyler Moore

“Great service! The Ministry Teams did an outstanding job! We can’t wait to see what God has in store next week!” “…Me either!” I thought as I read through the different responses from Opening Weekend.

It has been such an incredible season watching as Cornerstone Menifee went from a dream – to a live, actual church this last weekend! I have been dumbfounded and excited to see what God has had in store each and every week since we started planting this community in May!

From the Sanctuary being packed wall to wall, to the kiddos having a blast in our children’s programs, not to mention an In-N-Out food truck along with face painting and balloon animals! God has been doing some amazing things through his people in Menifee! From the different Ministry Teams making Cornerstone Menifee happen, to each individual who showed up – it was such a fun Opening Weekend to get our Launch Month rolling for our community!

Menifee Ckidz

And that’s where all this started, a community, the community of Menifee. We prayed, prayed, and prayed some more. And it was clear what God had in store, a Cornerstone Community Church in the community of Menifee. And that’s where our vision for the future starts; it’s our vision to plant a loving community on mission for Menifee! It’s our vision to be a neighborhood church, where families are excited to invite their friends to their home church! A place where marriages can find encouragement and strength to weather every storm! A Church where our children can learn, Jesus loves me! A place where lifelong friendships can form! A loving community from Menifee on mission for Menifee. Every family knowing there is a real place, with real people, who have a real hope for this life!

“I can’t wait to see what God has in store next week as well,” I thought one more time as I smiled and closed my laptop Monday evening. We saw dozens of people respond to God’s nudging in their heart and join a Ministry Team! We saw so many people jump off of the sidelines of ministry and join the team! Couples, individuals, young and old taking a step forward and extend the love from their home church to others. From people who’ve called Cornerstone home for years to families who’ve never been to Cornerstone before, it warmed my heart to see people make Menifee their home! It reminded me of my journey in this life and the part Cornerstone played.

Menifee Fam

I was reminded of a young man, who found a loving community as he hesitantly stepped through the doors of Cornerstone once again after his father passed away. I was reminded of all the loving people who opened the doors of their home church, and made me feel at home as well. I reminisced about that first invite I received to jump into a ministry… I was far from perfect and hadn’t read the bible in quite some time… yet they still had a place for me to serve. Seeing our volunteer’s passion this weekend reminded me of the fire and passion I felt when I stepped off the sidelines of ministry and into the game over 6 years ago. And now, I am humbled and honored to help bring a loving community to Menifee. I am dumbfounded God uses me to now invite others to join a ministry as well and watch their faith come alive! I couldn’t imagine all those years ago what God had in store for my life, and truth be told I still can’t wait to see what God has in store!

I want to give you the same invitation I received all those years ago. I want to invite you to join a Ministry Team. I want to personally invite you to step off of the sidelines of ministry, and into the game. Jesus is calling you forward, and you won’t believe what God has in store. I sure didn’t.


-Tyler Moore, Menifee Campus Pastor

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