May 14, 2018

Brian Werner

Like me, you can probably think of a trip that utterly arrested your attention. One that was full of surprises. From a day trip at a local attraction, to a vacation across the country, most of us have been on a journey where we experienced more than we expected. The journey to Cornerstone from Chicago, IL has been that kind of trip for me and my family. Me (Brian), Jessica (wife), Austin (20) and Ethan (18) are thrilled to make Cornerstone our church family. After twenty-six years serving the Church, more than ever, I believe the local church is the hope of the world! When we meet, you will likely find me with coffee in my hand, as I fully embrace the caffeinated life. If not coffee, I will likely be drinking LaCroix (non-berry flavor since those are gross). Past my favorite drinks, you will find someone who absolutely loves to smile, someone who passionately loves God and His Word, someone who is authentically approachable, and a husband and father who deeply loves his family.

It is my honor to communicate on the May 19 & 20 weekend. I hope this will be catalytic in knowing more of those who call Cornerstone home.

Not only do I look forward to relationships with those already here, but I am excited to be a strategic part of helping those far from God become fully devoted followers of Christ.




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